Searsucker isn't a place
to get away; it’s a place to
get together.

"My wife Chantelle and I were driving past the Del Mar Racetrack in San Diego, California,
as I complained that I wouldn't have a chance to wear my seersucker suit
to Opening Day. The light bulb went off over Chantelle’s head and she said,
'Wouldn’t that be a great name for the restaurant?'"

- Chef Brian Malarkey

The Story

“It was post-’Top Chef,’ and my good friend James Brennan and I decided to start a restaurant together. James, who’s a business-boy-genius, scored the best location in downtown San Diego. We got 7,500 square feet on the corner of Fifth and Market, the hub of the Gaslamp Quarter. I wanted the restaurant to focus on ‘new American classics,’ meaning that you take something familiar and you reinvent it. Playful tongue in cheek, the kind of place that — as soon as you walk into it — you let your guard down, you relax and enjoy being there.

I learned that seersucker was worn by working-class people in the 1800s because it could be ruffled and it didn’t have to be ironed. Later in the 1800s, upper-class college and university kids all rebelled against their parents by wearing seersucker suits, which appalled the parents but made seersucker the ‘new vogue’ and forever the summer fashion.

Well, that’s exactly what we wanted to do with our restaurant. We wanted people to be able to feel like they’re dressed up in their comfortable seersucker suits, they’re relaxed, feeling good, like they’re taking a little summer vacation. Thomas Schoos added the couches, right in the middle of everything (brilliant!) and James added the DJ and the music. And so, Searsucker and the whole ‘social dining experience’ was born.”

Our philosophy: We take an honest approach to making really great food!

Item descriptions spark conversation and plates are designed for sharing. Work your way through our menu by starting with one of our ‘smalls’ like the egg + bacon “pork belly.” Select from savory dinner entrées from categories like ‘ocean,’ ‘ranch,’ and ‘farm.’ Finish off with a decadent dessert or another cocktail such as the famous Peter Rabbit.


Searsucker is a place where you can hang out with your friends, eat great food, listen to great music, and stay for hours just having a great time. A place where you can come early and stay late, because that’s what it’s all about.

Social Dining consists of many different components, but what guests walk away with is an experience. That experience consists of high-quality, mouth- watering food and uniquely crafted cocktails. Music is also a key part of the atmosphere. Drawing upon an eclectic mix of genres, our sound is reflective of the same elements that give us our unique identity. Dishes are designed for guests to share and enjoy with each other. Good conversation, infectious laughter, soulful music, and savory scents fill the room.

come early, stay late!


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