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Go Vegan for Veganuary with Our Menu

Delicious vegan options available!

Golden Beet Tartar vegan option for veganuary in Searsucker Las Vegas

We’re challenging you to go vegan this month! Upgrade from Meatless Mondays to an entire month of plant-based eating. Not only will this make a difference in your health and well-being, but it also helps the environment! Even if it’s just for the month, pushing yourself to eat another fruit or vegetable keeps you healthy and these small changes add up. Other benefits of eating vegan include losing weight, gaining more nutrients, having a lower risk of heart disease, lowering blood sugars, and improving kidney function!

To play a role in Veganuary 2020 in Las Vegas, we’ve teamed with Vegan’s Baby where our chef has crafted top-notch Veganuary recipes with the finest ingredients are compiled into a special menu available all month long. For starters, try our special salad where the ingredients come from our local sustainable producer, Desert Bloom Eco Farm. The dish, named after Desert Bloom Farms, is made with autumn veggies, granny smith apples, marcona almonds and topped off with a sweet and delicate cider vinaigrette. We’re also offering the classic Beyond Burger, which is completely plant-based and satisfies just like a traditional beef burger. You can’t be completely full without dessert! Finish off your impeccable vegan dinner with our Exotic Parfait made of coconut tapioca, mango sorbet, and topped off with crispy roasted pineapple. The perfect tropical treat to top off your palette. See our full menu below and don’t forget to reserve your table HERE.

Veganuary Menu

desert bloom farms 15
autumn veggies, granny smith apples, marcona almonds, cider vinaigrette

golden beet tartar 16
shallots, roasted garlic aioli, charred sourdough bread

beyond burger™ 6oz 26
vegan cheddar cheese, avocado aioli, pickles, potato bun

brussels sprouts 9
citrus, toasted almonds

exotic parfait 10
coconut tapioca, roasted pineapple

Is your mouth watering yet? Try these Veganuary offers today by reserving your table HERE.

Viva Las Vegan in Las Vegas!