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Vegan and Gluten-Free Dishes at Searsucker Las Vegas

Not a carnivore or pasta-fiend? Not to worry!

Vegan Gluten-Free Items Las Vegas

At Searsucker, we’re no strangers to meat and wheat. With items like pig ears, pork butt, and macaroni and cheese, it’s easy to dismiss us as a restaurant with no vegan or gluten-free items. Right?


There are vegan and gluten-free menu options available to suit your cruelty-free and gluten-sensitive palate, and don’t worry – it’s not just a salad.

When it comes to appetizers, vegans can enjoy our hummus, heirloom carrots with thai pesto and crushed peanuts, roasted cauliflower with pickled chilis, pine nuts, and citrus. For plates, we offer a roasted cauliflower steak, with romesco, tomato jam, and caper vinaigrette.

Hungry yet?

For those with gluten intolerance, we offer plenty of items, including our oysters, hamachi with chili, cilantro, and lime, calamari steak, scallops with California sweet corn and heirloom tomato, salmon with cannellini bean ragout and herbs, and of course, our grilled two-pound lobster.

And for those going for a more traditional approach, we do have plenty of salads! Our gluten-free options include the Cobb and Field Greens salads, and our vegan options naturally include all of our salads – just ask for no meat or cheese, and substitute the ranch for a vinaigrette.

These are just a few of the things available on our menu for those with dietary differences. Always ask your server for their help determining which dishes suit your needs, and be sure to mention that you have a gluten-free or vegan diet. We’ll take special care to cook your items on a grill that hasn’t made contact with meat or wheat!


Fun Fact: Did you know that Searsucker was listed as one of the best places to go on the Las Vegas Strip for gluten-free items? Nima, a company that produces gluten sensors to help those with Celiac’s, visited our Las Vegas location back in July and tested a few of our dishes, with great success.

You can read the entire guide here.

Make a reservation and join us for some seriously fun vegan/gluten-free eats!