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Changing the Burger Game in Las Vegas

Searsucker Las Vegas' new burger is full of sweet surprises!

There’s a new hot dish in town, and it’s Searsucker Las Vegas’s redesigned Burger.

Tired of the same mass-produced, boring burger? Well fret not, because our new burger is anything but boring. Only 20 are made from scratch each day, from the buns down to the bacon jam. That’s right, we said bacon jam. These burgers are so fun, you’ll wait in line just to go on this burger journey:

The order goes in, and the cowbell rings. One burger down, 19 to go!

The parker house rolls, made fresh daily at 8 AM, are sealed tight until opening time each night. After the first burger is ordered, the seal is broken and the fun begins. You can hear the sizzle of melting butter as Chef Stephen LaSala places the freshly sliced buns on the griddle, toasting them to golden buttery perfection.

Sliding in alongside the buns comes the burger patty, cooked just the way you want it. Once the perfect temperature is reached, two slices of smoked gouda are placed atop to achieve melty, cheesy bliss.

When it’s time to assemble, Chef Stephen slathers the toasted buns with homemade ketchup and homemade avocado creme. The burger patty comes in hot, and is topped with a heaping helping of caramelized onions and sweet bacon jam.

The plating begins. Searsucker pickles, brined in-house with habanero and garlic, are piled high on the plate alongside the burger. A serving of fries, blanched and twice-fried to get extra crispy, is seasoned and added to the party. Final looks are had to ensure the burger is dressed for success, then the whole shebang is delivered to your table for your enjoyment (and probably a couple Instagram photos).

Sometimes you just need your food to be homemade. That’s why we’re changing the game, with homemade buns, ketchup, caramelized onions, fries, avocado creme, and bacon jam. Get one while it’s hot, and tell your friends!

And be sure to check out our Instagram to see a video of the magical process!