Where are you located?

Searsucker is currently located in the following cities: San Diego, CA, Del Mar, CA, Austin, TX and Las Vegas, NV. Chef Brian Malarkey, however, does have plans to take over the world. Stay tuned.

What are your hours?

Depends on what city you’re in. Visit our contact page to find out when our doors are open and when they’re not.

What type of food is “New American Classics?”

Exactly what it sounds like! Chef Brian Malarkey has twisted your favorite American dishes like your mom’s brussels sprouts, filet and some good ole’ chicken to create an imaginative menu with the freshest ingredients.

What’s with the offal menu?

An “offal menu” is a menu that utilizes entrails and odd ingredients to create something truly tasty and delicious. You’ll find things like bulls balls, pork butt, bone marrow and more on our menu–but that’s what makes us unique! It may sound weird, but just wait until it’s in your mouth. You’re welcome.

What if I have an allergy to something on your menu?

Just tell us! We’re all about the experience; our Chef will cater your dish to your needs and your taste buds.

What is the dress code?

We like to say “come as you are.” But if you’re reading this from the couch in your underwear, let’s go with business casual.

Do you have gift cards?

Well, of course! We would never deprive you of giving the gift of Searsucker. Find out more about Searsucker gift cards.

What about that “EAT” sign?

Critically-acclaimed interior designer, Thomas Schoos, brought the Old West and a retro Americana vibe to Searsucker. Historically, “EAT” signs were used to inform travelers of where they could eat on their cross-country journeys; we now use it to welcome our guests with an ode to American history!

What came first: the chicken or the egg?

Okay, we’re done.

come early, stay late!


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