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Surfrider Foundation: We’ve Taken the Pledge!

Our Ocean-Friendly Certification in San Diego

We’re sure you’ve heard, but straws suck! In an effort to do our part in protecting our oceans and beaches for future generations, we have taken the pledge with the Surfrider Foundation and are saying no to single-use plastic straws! Let us tell you why…

We’ll bet you didn’t know that every day, Americans throw away an estimated 500 million plastic straws. Most of these plastic suckers are used in the food service industry, but end up in our beautiful oceans as one of the top pollutants and marine debris worldwide. But there is a solution to this madness: we can say no to plastic straws!

We are pioneering this ocean friendly initiative in both our Del Mar and San Diego locations, looking to spread Surfrider Foundation’s wave throughout San Diego, and eventually the world. As such, we will only be serving plastic straws with our beverages upon request. But the efforts do not end there! We will also be pushing the cause behind the scenes by implementing proper recycling procedures and by not offering plastic ware for take out orders unless requested. Styrofoam is no longer part of our to-go arsenal, and from now on we are only using recyclable take out bags and containers.

We are thrilled to be part of Surfrider Foundation’s initiative and are glad to have the San Diego community on our side!

To learn more about the pledge, read the full article by the San Diego Union-Tribune here, or view the video segment on CBS 8 here! Cheers suckers!