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Celebrate Clean Beaches Week!

As a Certified Ocean Friendly Restaurant by our friends at the Surfrider Foundation, we make an effort year-round to support the protection of our ocean, waves & beaches by committing to a “straws only upon request” policy.  But there’s so much more we can do as individuals! In honor of Clean Beaches Week from July 1st – 7th, we thought we’d share a few of the why’s and how’s.

Sometimes we take for granted just how darn spectacular our planet earth is. Although life as we know it has only existed on earth 150-200 million years, the earth itself is almost 5 billion years old. Respect your elders, right?!

And 70% of the earth’s surface is covered in water—and as of today, Earth is the only known planet with liquid water on it’s surface. Unfortunately, we don’t do a great job as a whole to protect it. Did you know that there are:

STRAWS are one of the biggest contributors to this mass of plastic waste—there are 500 million straws being used in the US alone every single day! That daily total is enough to wrap around the earth 2.5 times per day—and a majority of those are not recycled.

CIGARETTE BUTTS are another factor–they’re the #1 item found on our local beaches, which over time will also end up in our beloved ocean!


Clean Beaches Week gives us an entire seven days to celebrate our beautiful beaches and ensure they stay clean, safe, and lovely for generations to come (although we’re proponents of doing this on the reg). And what great timing, as July 4th is the most popular beach day of the entire year…which in turn results in the most litter on our shores.

So far, the local chapter of Surfrider San Diego has garnered over 11,650 volunteers to participate in 121 beach cleanups, removing nearly 13 thousand pounds of trash from our coastline. And they’re just getting started–keep the good times and great numbers rolling by sponsoring a public cleanup, hosting a private one, or joining in on one of the many that Surfrider already has planned! Check out their calendar below to find the next one near you.

Oh, and pro tip: give your cleaning crew some extra incentive–whoever picks up the most trash doesn’t have to pay for post-clean-up brunch!


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