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What’s In The Name; French Squeezed.

Catching up with Chief Mixologist, Tim Weigel, on how he named the French Squeezed.


Hakkasan Group’s Chief Mixologist, Tim Weigel, has done it all and his passion for seriously fun cocktails can be seen in the latest Searsucker Las Vegas creations. We caught up with him mid-shoot to ask him some questions on our favorite cocktail, the French Squeezed.


Q: Where did the inspiration come from when choosing the ingredients as well as the name for this drink?

TW: The cocktail ingredients were the impetus for the French Squeezed.  The Grey Goose and Lillet Blanc are both from France and the “Squeezed” part refers to the squeezed juices (lime, pineapple, etc) in the cocktail. The ingredients came from the desire to have a fresh, fruit inspired cocktail to go in the Farmhouse Juice Glass.


Q: Why did you choose this cocktail for Searsucker Las Vegas?

TW: It is a very refreshing cocktail and really hits or “squeezes” the spot on a blazing hot Vegas summer day.


Seriously Fun Cocktails Tim Weigel

Q: How do you choose which vessel goes with which cocktail?

TW: The fact that the French Squeezed is a larger format juicy cocktail, we needed a bigger glass.  The “Farmhouse Juice” glass is equivalent to a bucket (or triple rocks) glass and has a rooster on the front of it which gives it a nice little touch.  It has that rustic Searsucker motif to it.


Q: What are some of the vessels you think will be trendy in the future?

TW: Bespoke “Up” (Coupes, Nick & Nora, etc) pieces that harken back to a classic and decadent drinking experience.  Custom pattern etching on these types of glasses are a plus!


Q: Where do you look for inspiration for cocktails?

TW: Various sources and experiences.  It could be a variation on a classic cocktail, vacation experience, cuisine, or even a movie!  The main thing to remember is that the inspiration could be one of the main driving forces behind the cocktail conceptualization.

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