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How to: Grilled Cheese

A Celebration of #NationalGrilledCheeseMonth!

Grilled cheese with mac and cheese noodles inside

In queso you didn’t know, it’s easy bein’ cheezy when it’s National Grilled Cheese Month! (Promise to keep the cheese puns to a minimum so you can absorb the important stuff ?)

Though grilled cheese may normally seem like a simple dish when you try it at home, there is in fact, proper grilled cheese technique! So in the spirit of the “holiday,” we asked Chef Ryan of Searsucker Del Mar to show us how to make the G(GC)OAT. Here are his pointers for getting it just right, every time.

Grilled Cheese-in’ 101:

STEP 1: 

Butter ONE side of EACH piece of your sammy bread. This ensures that the outside gets nice and crispy, but the inside stays (cover your ears) *moist*. Use softened butter, otherwise you’ll destroy your bread. A butter knife is perfectly acceptable, but Chef likes to use an offset spatula for the perfect schmear!

STEP 2: 

Gone are the days of single rubber slices individually wrapped in plastic ? Shredded cheese is KEY for even melting! Chef likes to grate fresh (he uses a mix of a few to get a range of salty, nutty, sharp), but he won’t judge you for picking up the pre-shredded baggy in your cheese aisle.

STEP 3: 

Actually, kind of like an anti-step. DO NOT BUTTER PAN! We repeat, DO NOT BUTTER PAN! The outsides of your bread have been buttered already, remember? Too much butter and you’ll wind up with a soggy sammy. Keep the heat on low-to-medium. Low & slow wins the grilled cheese sammy race, every time.

STEP 4: 

Wait 3 minutes, then take a peek at the face-down side of your sammy. Is it golden-brown perfection? We had a feeling it might be! Depending on your pan, you may need to wait another minute or so to get there. But it’ll get there! When it’s there, we flip! A one-motion flip-a-roo is cool, but so is the non-dominant-hand assist, a la Chef Ryan:

STEP 5: 

Another 3 minutes on the other side. *We know,* but you’re almost there! Stick with it!

STEP 6: 

Remove from pan. Admire golden beauty and unique craftsmanship.

STEP 7: 

Okay, here is where Chef Ryan gets awkwardly serious. Say it with us now: “Always. Cut. Diagonally.”

STEP 8: 

Wait another 3 minutes….JK! JK! Dig in and enjoy!

Chef’s Cheesy Specials

To celebrate National Grilled Cheese Month, each of our Chefs has built their all time favorite grilled cheese sammy, to feature on their respective menus through the month of April!

In Las Vegas…

Chef Stephen takes brie triple cream & fig jam, and elegantly sandwiches them between deliciously dough-y brioche:

In downtown San Diego…

Chef Chris mixes his fave fromages (provolone, gruy√®re, white cheddar) with bacon and house-pickled jalapenos on toasted bread, and serves with tomato soup for dunkin’!

And in Del Mar…

Chef Ryan has stuffed a grilled cheese with our other go-to comfort food (mac & cheese)!! He adds crispy onions for crunch (and for fun…ion!), bacon for smoke, pepper jam for added flavor and moisture, and of course, more cheese (because if you’re going to get a mac & cheese grilled cheese, you clearly are down with fromage to the face).

Visit, or pop on in during the month of April. Try one, or try ’em all and PLEASE let us know which is your favorite (we may or may not have an internal friendly competition going ?